Welcome everyone! Today we will talk about if its important to have a balanced diet and why it is important. The principal thing to have a balance diet is to eat healthy and believe that eating healthy is not just eating lettuce or grilled chicken is more than that and I’m going to make sure that when you read this blog you can believe it and put it on practice.

Having a balanced diet need to be a pleasure not an obligation because this will make you feel better with yourself. To have a balanced diet you need to get all the nutrients necessary for our body to work properly throughout the day and which, in addition, reduces the risk of disease. To have a healthy diet it is necessary to eat all kinds of food, but in just the right amount.

If you start having a balanced diet you will have some benefits and one of the most important one is that you protect and prevent yourself of the development of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and so on. In other words having a healthy diet allows our organism, on the one hand, to function normally and cover our basic physiological needs, and on the other, as we have already mentioned, reduce the chances of suffering from diseases in the short and long term.


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In this blog we will discuss if having a balance diet is as important as they say

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