The potato omelette or Spanish omelette is one of the quintessential dishes of Spanish gastronomy. To make it we only need three ingredients: eggs, potatoes and a good oil. It is liked by adults and children and it is prepared in almost every house, and like all popular recipes, each one prepares the potato omelette in their own way: some with onion, others without onion, juicy, well done… cold.


Ingredients (4 persons)

5 eggs
500 g potatoes
1 onion
Extra virgin olive oil

Spanish omelette with or without onion
Our first dilemma when faced with making a potato omelette is deciding whether we are going to make it with onion or not. I personally like it much more with onions, but I know many cases that literally “hate” onions, so in case you are going to make potato omelette for a varied group, it is better to ask, or, when in doubt Dispense with the onion or use onion powder, because it is usually the texture and not the flavor, which is not usually liked by those who have onion phobia.

Another alternative is to make it by adding green peppers, which also give it a very special flavor.

First step: cut and fry the potatoes and onion
We peel and wash the potatoes, cut them into thin slices like the onion. We put both things in a pan and cover with extra virgin olive oil, let them cook over medium-low heat until they begin to brown. You will know that the potatoes are done when they begin to break, with the paddle. For the omelette to be juicy, it is important that the potatoes are cooked well and candied, because there is nothing worse than an omelette with half-raw potatoes. So be patient with this step.

Second step: mix with the eggs
We remove them from the pan and drain well. We put in a large bowl, apart we beat the eggs and add them to the potatoes and onion, add a little salt and mix. We leave a couple of minutes to mix well. Here there are those who prefer to leave the potatoes whole and those who prefer to mash them a little with the paddle so that they mix well with the egg.

Third step: curdle the tortilla
We put a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in the pan and pour everything. At first we break a little, as if we were going to make a scramble, then we shape it around the edges. When we see that it is already curdled at the bottom, we put a plate or a lid on top of the pan and turn it quickly. We put the pan back on the fire and slide the omelette from the plate to the pan. We leave a few more minutes (2 or 3 if you like more curd, less if you like juicy) to finish making and we have our potato omelette ready.


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